pharmacieplus du mandement in Satigny

An involved local pharmacy, customer-focused and active in the field of preventive health care

Natural products

Apart from mainstream medicines, we supply alternative remedies such as homeopathic remedies, and naturopathic and herbal medicines, some of which are made in-house

One-to-one sessions with our expert pharmacists

Do you have any questions about a specific problem, such as weight, smoking or heart disease? Make an appointment with one of our pharmacists for a private session to find the best possible solution

Our house specialties

Pharmaceutical preparations created in our laboratory 

Within our laboratory, we create various different preparations and remedies that we offer to our customers, some of whom have been coming to us for more than 20 years.

Drawing salve

Our laboratory-made salve serves to rapidly treat boils and abscesses by drawing out the pus (recipe created by Mr René Bollier)

Gel for treating cracked hands and feet 

Our gel is applied in thin layers to cracks in the hands and feet. The gel acts like a bandage, enabling the skin to heal and regenerate.

Ointment for treating molluscum

Our ointment based on essential oils helps to ripen the vesicles and accelerate their disappearance.

Homeopathic gel

This gel is intended to be multi-purpose; it relieves bruises, allergies, hives, insect bites, itching and sprains.

Homeopathic cough syrup

Our preparation is based on a complex composition of substances targeting both wet and dry coughs.

Mixture for boosting Cu Au Ag immunity

This mixture contains oligo elements, copper, gold and silver and helps to boost immune defences.  

Silverette Nursing Cups

Starting breast-feeding, it often happens that the nipples develop cracks due to the infant sucking.

The nursing cups are small silver cups for holding on the nipple during breastfeeding, with will avoid and protect against cracking; silver acts as a disinfectant.

We offer nursing cups for sale (at CHF 59.-) and for hire.

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