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An involved local pharmacy, customer-focused and active in the field of preventive health care

Natural products

Apart from mainstream medicines, we supply alternative remedies such as homeopathic remedies, and naturopathic and herbal medicines, some of which are made in-house

One-to-one sessions with our expert pharmacists

Do you have any questions about a specific problem, such as weight, smoking or heart disease? Make an appointment with one of our pharmacists for a private session to find the best possible solution

Support sessions & coaching

Consultations and bespoke advice on diverse health problems 

We look forward to welcoming you to our dedicated private consultation area.

These consultations are intended to be absolutely confidential and are bound by professional secrecy.

Depending on your enquiry and the type of situation that is posing you problems, we will allocate you a specific contact person specialised in the field, who will be able to provide you with suitable advice and point you in the direction of the appropriate solution.

Within our team, we have people available who specialise in the following fields:


Bach Original Flower Remedies

This method bears the name of its founder, Dr Bach, an English doctor, and is based on a combination of several plant extracts adjusted to different pathologies.


This alternative medicine links mother tinctures and homeopathy. In fact, it consists of scorching the plants with yeasts, which decompose, and from which the volatile portion is recovered. The remaining portion is burnt at 4000 degrees to recover the remaining oligo elements.

The volatile and dry portions are then combined, which has the effect of increasing the efficacy of the active substances in the plant.

Cardiovascular prevention

We are active in numerous areas at prevention level and offer to carry out a variety of tests to measure the good and bad cholesterol, blood pressure and waist circumference, and then examine together your family history to evaluate the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Coaching for taking regular medication (polymedication)

Some people have to take several drugs several times a day over a long period and sometimes they forget.

We will analyse with you the probable causes of such omissions (kinds of drug, when taken etc.) and look for suitable solutions.

The goal ultimately is to not forget one's medication so as to maintain good health.

We offer to prepare weekly pill dispensers in the pharmacy to facilitate the taking of drugs.

Coaching for smokers

This type of care is directed at people who wish to stop smoking. The coaching is carried out over 4 to 6 sessions (at a price of CHF 100) and takes place depending on everyone's availability.

Our team will help and encourage you to persevere in your plan to stop smoking by means of conversations which will enable you to discover by yourself the solutions for stopping.

Indeed, the causes of tobacco addiction prove to be specific to each individual and there is no general or solution or indeed one which can be applied generally.

Checking vaccination certificates

Thanks to a computer programme, we can easily record all your vaccinations to provide you with clear and precise monitoring. 

At each injection, we will update your certificate and send you a letter of notification; similarly in the event of a general immunisation reminder.

Moreover, we will create a travel diary relating to any trips abroad to countries requiring specific immunisation. In this diary, we will record embassy addresses, information on the climate of the country being visited, common diseases and simple advice for avoiding falling ill.

We will give you explanations on medicines you take with you and we can also provide you with a travel kit in addition to prescribed medicines.

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