pharmacieplus du mandement in Satigny

An involved local pharmacy, customer-focused and active in the field of preventive health care

Natural products

Apart from mainstream medicines, we supply alternative remedies such as homeopathic remedies, and naturopathic and herbal medicines, some of which are made in-house

One-to-one sessions with our expert pharmacists

Do you have any questions about a specific problem, such as weight, smoking or heart disease? Make an appointment with one of our pharmacists for a private session to find the best possible solution


Pharmacieplus du mandement: a range of in-house products for bespoke care 


Pharmacieplus du mandement was founded by Mrs Schwarz in 1951. She transformed the village drugstore (which extended along the rampe de Choully) into a pharmacy. Mr René Bollier purchased the business in 1973. According to legend, he was nicknamed "the sorcerer"; he was famous at the time for producing ointments and specialties that were highly appreciated by the villagers. 

Customers found everything in this village pharmacy – potato seed, stationery, light bulbs and even fertiliser for "Madame's" vegetable garden.

Mr Bollier died young and bequeathed the establishment to his daughter, Anne-Marie Bollier, who took over the management of the pharmacy in 1977, who at that time had barely completed her studies. She played a key role until 2007, taking on numerous activities in the pharmaceutical workplace. Passionate about her profession, she would help it gain respectability.

She was always very mindful of the quality of advice and dispensing of medicines. Her professional excellence enabled pharmacieplus du mandement to gain a reputation for quality and able to meet every request concerning health care.

Nearing retirement, she set about searching for an independent female pharmacist to whom she could entrust the subsequent management of the pharmacy. She found her in the person of Sabina Francia, the current manager and owner.

Sabina Francia is surrounded by a stable team and in line with the tradition initiated by Anne-Marie Bollier, she focuses on quality in her work, listening to customers and searching for solutions.

Over the years, the pharmacy has been able to further increase the range of its in-house products. Indeed, a number of the preparations and remedies sold in the establishment are made in the laboratory.

The team is trained in natural remedies such as homeopathy and aromatherapy and addresses the needs and wishes of its customers.

The team

Sabina Francia - Pharmacie du Mandement SA - Geneva


Madeleine Grizzo - Pharmacie du Mandement SA - Geneva


Sylvia Cortijo - Pharmacie du Mandement SA - Geneva

Sabina Francia

Pharmacist manager and owner 

Qualified unicist homeopath.

Trained in spagyrics and micro nutrition.

Community health certificate

Further training certificate in vaccines and blood samples

Hosts quality circles with Genevan paediatricians.


Madeleine Grizzo

Pharmacist for 30 years at the pharmacieplus du mandement.

Qualified unicist homeopath, aromatherapy certificate.

In charge of drugs and apprentices.


Sylvia Cortijo


Deals with coaching for stopping smoking.

Trained to assess everyone's  cardiovascular risks.

In charge of EMS.

Mélanie Mourey - Pharmacie du Mandement SA - Geneva


David Santiago - Pharmacie du Mandement SA - Geneva


Noémie Favez - Pharmacie du Mandement SA - Geneva

Mélanie Mourey


Trained in "helping patients take medicines"

In charge of weekly pill organisers prepared at the pharmacy.


David Santiago

Pharmacy assistant.

Training in Bach Original Flower Remedies.

Offers consultations for creating bespoke mixtures.

In charge of billing.


Noémie Favez

Pharmacy assistant  

EMS contact person.

In charge of pharmacy decoration.

Tania Miguel- Pharmacie du Mandement SA - Geneva




Bastien Burnand - pharmacieplus du mandement - Geneva

Tania Miguel

Pharmacy assistant.

Trained in micronutrition.

Administrative manager.


Eden Kidane

1st year apprentice


Bastien Bornand


Free home delivery

We deliver remedies, preparation and medicines every evening and guarantee an ultra fast service.

If the order is placed during the afternoon, the medicine will arrive by 8am the next day; if the order is placed during the morning (up to 12 noon), the medicine will arrive by 4pm. 

Practical information